Life is Now


Hello and welcome to my Blog and first ever Blog post. There are different experiences and topics that will be covered along the way but today I’d like to touch on my experience of adoption discovery.

It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve found out about being adopted and then finding my biological family shortly after. You heard right, they basically happened simultaneously. The question that I’m constantly asked is “How do you feel about all of this?” If you were to ask me this today I’d say that there hasn’t been much thought about it at all. There is no way for me to predict how I’d answer this same question tomorrow. Maybe being that I’m too busy raising my own little family, working and trying to focus on school. It does seem to sneak up and catch me by surprise every now and then and never when expected.

Speaking of focus, this whole experience has created many distractions. First there was coming to terms with the fact that everyone I’ve ever known to be my family is not actually related to me by blood. Then realizing that my true ethnicity is different than what I’ve always known. I’ll get into why this is important in a future post. Next was navigating through the twists and turns of the tragic circumstances at birth. Lastly trying to incorporate those that are related to me into my life as I’ve known it up until this point.

This is only a snapshot of the complexities that this journey has been and if you stay with me here I’ll dive into how all of these combined has given me “Superman Faith”. Going into why this very first post is titled “Life Is Now” because that’s how I’ve had to view every aspect of life in order to move into the next phase. Thanks for joining me and I hope you’ll enjoy. Until we meet again, Keith.